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EasySearch V3.0

EasySearch V3 really needs renaming, since it adds database updating, song export and EasyWorship integration.  Here are the highlights:

EasyWorship Integration

You can now send a selected song directly to EasyWorship without having to copy and paste it.  If EasyWorship is running, click the Go to button and the title of the song will be sent as if typed into the EasyWorship title entry field.

Find out more: Searching for Songs

Database Updating

Have you encountered the problem of keeping all your team up to date?  The new Update facility updates the EasyWorship database from a central location such as a Web site.

Find out more: Updating the EasyWorship Database


Song Export

If you have ever needed to export your songs for use in another system you will find this feature handy.  It allows you to export the songs from your EasyWorship database into the widely used CCLI Format.

Find out more: Exporting Song lists


Improved Profile Handling

If you use more than one EasyWorship profile you can now specify a default profile to avoid answering the question every time.

Find out more: Preferences

Download EasySearch here